Selected publications

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  • A. Radman, M. Gredičak, I. Kopriva, I. Jerić (2011). Predicting antitumor activity of compounds by consensus of regression models trained on a small sample size data, International Journal of Molecular Sciences, vol. 12, 8415-8430 (IF: 2.279).
  • I. Kopriva, M. Hadžija, M. Popović-Hadžija, M. Korolija, A. Cichocki (2011). Rational Variety Mapping for Contrast-Enhanced Nonlinear Unsupervised Segmentation of Multispectral Images of Unstained Specimen, The American Journal of Pathology, vol. 179, No. 2, pp. 547-553 (IF: 5.224).
  • M. Filipović, I. Kopriva (2011). A Comparison of Dictionary Based Approaches to Inpainting and Denoising with an Emphasis to Independent Component Analysis Learned Dictionaries, accepted for publication in Inverse Problems and Imaging (IF=1.403).
  • I. Kopriva, Q. Du (2011). Tensor Factorization and Continuous Wavelet Transform for Model-free Single-Frame Blind Image Deconvolution, accepted for 7th International Symposium on Signal and Image Processing and Analysis, Dubrovnik, Croatia, September 4-6.
  • I. Kopriva, A. Jukić, A. Cichocki (2011). Feature extraction for cancer prediction by tensor decomposition of 1D protein expression levels, IASTED Conference on Computational Bioscience CompBio 2011, Cambridge, UK, July 11-13.
  • J. Sancho-Parramon, V. Janicki, and H. Zorc. Tuning the effective dielectric function of thin film metal-dielectric composites by controlling the deposition temperature. Journal of Nanophotonics 5 (2011) 051805.
  • V. Janicki, J. Sancho Parramon, H. Zorc, K. Salamon, M. Buljan, N. Radić and  U.V. Desnica. Ellipsometric study of thermally induced redistribution and crystallization of Ge in Ge:SiO2 mixture layers. Thin Solid Films 519 (2011) 5419-5423.
  • T. Amotchkina, V. Janicki, J. Sancho-Parramon, A. Tikhonravov, M. Trubetskov and H. Zorc. A new general approach to reliable characterization of thin metal films. Applied Optics 50 (2011) 1453-1464.
  • H. Zorc, M. Lončarić and J. Sancho-Parramon. Use of gold island films in design of reflectors with high luminosity. Applied Optics 50 (2011)  C364-C367.
  • F. Barroso, S. Bosch, N. Tort, O. Arteaga, J. Sancho-Parramon, E. Jover, E. Bertran and A. Canillas. Detection and characterization of single nanoparticles by interferometric phase modulated ellipsometry. Thin Solid Films 519 (2011) 2801-2805.
  • M. Lončarić, J. Sancho-Parramon and H. Zorc. Optical properties of gold islands films – a spectroscopic ellipsometry study. Thin Solid Films 519 (2011) 2946-2950.
  • J. Sancho-Parramon, V. Janicki, M. Lončarić, H. Zorc, P. Dubček and S. Bernstorff. Optical and structural properties of Au-Ag islands films for plasmonic applications. Applied Physics A 103 (2011) 745-748.
  • V. Janicki, J. Sancho-Parramon, and H. Zorc. Multilayer based interferential-plasmonic structure: metal cluster 3D grating combined with dielectric mirror. Applied Physics A 103 (2011) 517-519.
  • V. Janicki, J. Sancho-Parramon, and H. Zorc. Gradient silver nanoparticle layers in absorbing coatings—experimental study. Applied Optics 50 (2011) C228-C231.
  • I. Kopriva, X. Chen, Y. Jao (2011). Nonlinear Band Expansion and Nonnegative Matrix Underapproximation for Unsupervised Segmentation of a Liver from a Multi-phase CT image, SPIE Medical Imaging-Image Processing, Orlando, FL, USA, February 12-17, Proc. SPIE Vol. 7962. (PDF)


  • J. Sancho-Parramon, V. Janicki, H.Zorc. On the dielectric function tuning of random metal-dielectric nanocomposites for metamaterial applications Optics Express 18 (2010) 26915-26928 (IF = 3.278). (PDF)
  • J. Sancho-Parramon, V. Janicki, P. Dubcek, M. Karlusic, D. Gracin, M. Jaksic, S. Bernstorff, D. Meljanac, and K. Juraic. Optical and structural properties of silver nanoparticles in glass matrix formed by thermal annealing of field-assisted film dissolution, Optical Materials 32 (2010) 510-514 (IF=1.728). (PDF)
  • V. Janicki, J. Sancho-Parramon, F. Peiró J. Arbiol. Three-dimensional photonic microstructures produced by electric field assisted dissolution of metal nanoclusters in multilayer stacks, Applied Physics B: Laser & Optics 89 (2010) 93-98 (IF=2.158). (PDF)
  • I. Kopriva (2010).  Tensor Factorization for model-free space-variant blind deconvolution of the single- and multi-frame multi-spectral Image, Optics Express, vol. 18, No. 17, pp. 17819-17833 (IF 3.278). (PDF)
  • I. Kopriva, A. Cichocki (2010). Nonlinear Band Expansion and 3D Nonnegative Tensor Factorization for Blind Decomposition of Magnetic Resonance Image of the Brain. Proceedings of 9th International Conference on Latent Variable Analysis and Signal Separation, Lecture Notes Computer Science 6365, pp. 490-497, V. Vigneron (editor), September 27-30, 2010, Saint Malo, France. (PDF)
  • I. Kopriva, A. Peršin, N. Puizina-Ivić, L. Mirić (2010). Robust demarcation of basal cell carcinoma by dependent component analysis-based segmentation of multi-spectral fluorescence image, Journal Photochemistry and Photobiology B: Biology, vol. 100, pp. 10-18 (IF: 1.838). (PDF)
  • I. Kopriva, I. Jerić (2010). Blind separation of analytes in nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy and mass spectrometry: sparseness-based robust multicomponent analysis, Analytical Chemistry, vol. 82, pp. 1911-1920 (IF: 5.71). (PDF)