Mission and History

Division emerged from work of professor Branimir Markovic, one of the cofounders of Rudjer Boskovic Institute, and Laboratory for Nuclear and Atomic research. In the 1970s Laboratory became autonomous Division in the Institute. From starting research in the field of atomic physics and structure of atomic levels through development of first laser in region and various application of lasers, Division steered in the field of photonics. In the last 20 years several research projects are conducted in are of imaging and non-imaging optics and optical thin-film systems. Especially important is latest emergence in biophotonics, with special stress on photodynamic processes in malignant skin tissue. In this area are developed and applied algorithms for digital image processing that provide robust discrimination between healthy and tumor tissue.

Division received several recognitions and rewards for innovations in photonic applications. Since September 2006. Division established system for quality control according to standard ISO 9001:2000 and received certificate in January of 2007..