Medicine & Health

Department LAIR conducts intensive research in the field of photodynamic diagnosis and therapy. Several modern devices for application of light in medicine have been developed in Division. The results of our efforts are diagnostic and therapeutic devices MediLED.

MediLED devices are based on advanced light source technology, light emitting diode - LED, which allows to emit narrow band of incoherent light.

Our devices can be used in following fields:

  • photodynamic diagnostics (PDD), e.g. detection of some dermatological disorders
  • photodynamic therapy (PDT), e.g. treatment of certain dermatological conditions using light and photosensitizing agent
  • biostimulation, e.g. reducing pain and improving wound healing
  • cosmetics, e.g. depilation using combination of light and photosensitizing agent

We developed several MediLED devices, for various applications:

  • MediLED 4 PDD & PDT. An advanced computer controlled apparatus for clinical application.
  • MediLED Vio, Thera and TheraCont. Compact and portable devices for ambulatory application.
  • MediLED 5. Designed for large area treatment.

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